A Vibrant Human: A Lifestyle Writer, Autism Mom, and Content Creator Doing Amazingly Typical Things Each Day.

 I am Stephanie Marley McMechan. I am a lifestyle blogger, diverse content creator, Autism warrior mother who happens to have tremendous desire to spread her love to others in her stories and musings. I wish to engage and encourage along my wild (intensely confounding at times) journey. Maybe laugh a little at myself, perhaps inject intimate thought into the otherwise mundane space in time.  Maybe my search for a voice for our Autism lifestyle will strengthen yours. I take this page as a place for self fulfillment and motivation to push through. And I am a Leo, thus I move onward pretty adeptly. I am not only a blogger, but a sincere voice in the online wilderness. 

I am a Vibrant Hueman. I have a B.A. in English Literature from Alcorn State University (go Braves). My writing history goes way back. Probably found that there was a little something something here while studying in high school. Armed with a typewriter and time on my hands, I churned out term papers galore. And they were decent, albeit written at 1:00 am. From there, I would write for several online publications including as a freelancer for beauty and budget fashion for Examiner.com (2011-15), and contributor of several writings for Denim Magazine and Our Mississippi. 

Initially I wished to promote the lifestyle of myself as an Autism mom. I know this is a small yet growing segment of society. I wish to step out of any hidden comfort zone and display the heart of the Autism kid. How life is pretty much just like yours, but more unpredictable. Possibly less flexible, but so meaningful. My interest in lifestyle expands to beauty, style, food, travel, shopping tips, decor, travel, and writing. My love of music has allowed me a few turns in community theater and a college lead in a musical. I am eclectic, mentally unbridled. 

I also have a deep interest in the organic lifestyle experience. I am not completely without my moments as a consumer, using products that may not display the most natural ingredients. Much of cosmetic isn't naturally derived. I have discovered some major league girl crushes on companies who believe in making the healthiest items for consumption. I hope to give those a space to be discovered by my readers. 

Live Your Life In Color

Stephanie Marley McMechan: owner of The Vibrant Hueman