Perfume Your Way with Luxury Scent Box

Perfume is truly a work of art and wonder. Scent creates an aura, a unique view to the wearer's spirit and personality.  Whether fragrant memories of our youth or ones that lure you in like bees to honey. The power of fragrance has long been lauded and praised for its singular ability to conjure feelings. This is why there is a scent for each of us. However, not each smell works for all. No matter the love affair or cult following of a fragrance, the body's chemistry may read "reject, reject." Therefore it is so very important to create new ways to explore fragrances without the buyer's regret phase or risk of it being a pretty vanity bottle left unused. 

Luxury Scent Box, a new subscription fragrance service for women and men, plans to give hope to those who have tested out a perfume in the department or specialty store and felt a sense of absolute confusion.  The best part is that you sample a new fragrance each month. Often buying perfume means a spritz or two on the wrist and no time to think. Plus the scent takes some time to really develop itself. So the first impression is possibly not the last... Why not give it some time to sink in? After all, a bottle of good juice isn't a small chunk of change. 

Luxury Scent Box created a survey that helps guide the customer along in finding the best scent for them. There is a road map to that fragrance you'll always call your signature. When your account is set up for the $15 a month designer fragrance box, you have the opportunity to take a brief scent profile survey. This will assist your search for the family of scents that truly fit you best. There are a variety of notes in scents, and LSB whittles it down to a science. 

How can you know that this is the right service for your fragrance sample search? One great reason is that the founders of Luxury Scent Box have over 15 years of experience in the world of perfume and cologne. Their know how and true devotion to fragrance means that the highest standards are adhered to. Also, the size of the samples is absolutely mind blowing! Typically, the teeny sizes doled out in the department store are considered a sample size. These could hold maybe 0.4 mls, something in the neighborhood of 2 or 3 sprays. LSB just slays with a 9 ml travel sized spray bottle. The bottle is elegantly crafted and filled with enough juice for 50 individual sprays! 

For $15, the value is in the bottle. These scents are 100% authentic designer. You receive a new scent each month of your choice, and the size of the spray is nearly 1/3 of an ounce! There is no buyer's remorse involved. Time to wear it and decide if the love affair will increase to a future big bottle purchase. You also receive 2 samples inside your box to get acquainted with more available scents. 

My first box has me completely enamored and enthralled with Luxury Scent Box. I am currently enjoying my Crystal Noir bottle, appreciating the beautiful notes and creaminess of the floral with a bit of an evening out warmth and spice. 

If the suspense is truly too much, sign up for your first Luxury Scent Box subscription box to find your perfect scent today! 

The subscription box I received was complimentary from Luxury Scent Box for sampling purposes. All content is unpaid and unbiased.