The Vibrant Hueman begins her colorful journey...12/17/15

The beginning of any journey has to be the hardest part. The uncertainty of the direction sometimes prevents the very best in us from breaking through. I think of my life as a daily journey, an arrival to a new level of consciousness. I allow new experiences to take me into some direction. I don't necessarily feel I will understand why I am exposed, or opened to whatever happens. 

This blog is a mechanism for me to share more of what makes me human (hence my not so inconspicuous take on the word). The colors in my character have been shaped by all the joys, sorrows, small steps, and awesome life events, mundane to absolutely fab. My heart and mind share that colorful imprint. So as many consider how to share holiday season with those we love, I decided to give myself a gift, a voice to share these pertinent moments and musings.  Maybe some posts are sanctity in places of adept confusion. Others are lifestyle trends and observations. And some are me being your BBF just stating the facts according to me. 

I truly hope that this blog gives someone a sense of shared common ground with other human beings. A combination of Leo magnetism and a take charge approach to my life places me in a good spot to become this completely open person.  Placing it all, even the scary or emotionally intense parts of your world in full view is what makes some step back several feet. It's much easier to cover flaws rather than embracing them. Here beauty topics will have a home with the daily challenges of special needs parenting. The Vibrant Hueman is not one taste or flavor, but that variety pack with something inside for all. 

Live your life in full color!